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      She was a schooner of two hundred and fifty tons, built for speed, and with a rakish rig. She had cost, with her fittings, her extra silk sails for racing, more money than Lostwithiel cared to remember; but he loved her as a man loves his mistress, and if she were costly and exacting, she was no worse than other mistresses, and she was true as steel, which they are not always; and so he felt that he had money's worth in her. He showed her to Isola one evening from the promontory above the harbour, where she met him in the autumn sundown. Her work at the butcher's and the grocer's being done, she had gone up to that airy height by Point Neptune to refresh herself with a long look seaward before she went back to her home in the valley. Lostwithiel took her away from the Point, and made her look down into the harbour."One could never feel sure he wasn't laughing in his sleeve at our rustic ignorance," said Mrs. Baynham. "I am more at my ease with Captain Hulbert, and my husband and he were great friends when he was a boy. They used to go fishing together, when Baynham's practice wasn't as good as it is now."

      Lord Selvaine leaned back and sipped his whisky and soda, and smoked delicately.

      Well, I dont know that I did anything to be ashamed of, she said. At home we should be quite obliged to any one for saving us from a spill. I suppose its different here. Well, Ill learn in time to stand by and see people break their necks, without moving an eyelid.But you must please yourself, said Trafford. We all think of you and seek your happiness.


      I am surprised, said Trafford. I had not the least idea you were in England, but thought you were out in the wilds somewhere. Sit down. Have you dined? Yes? Have something to drink. His hand went to the bell, but he checked himself, and got some wine and some spirits from the cellarette, and filled a glass, as if he wanted to show by the small act how pleased he was to see Norman. Now, tell me all about it, he said. When did you arrive?How vividly she remembered every detailher fluttering apprehensions during the long drive on the dark road, up hill and down hill; her eagerness for the delight of the dance, as an unaccustomed pleasurea scene to which young beauty flies as the moth to the flame; her remorseful consciousness that she had done wrong in yielding to the temptation which drew her there; the longing to see Lostwithiel once moreLostwithiel, whom she had vowed to herself never to meet again of her own free will. She had gone home that afternoon resolved to forego the ball, to make any social sacrifice rather than look upon that man whose burning words of love, breathed in her ear before she had enough of nerve or calmness to silence him, had left her scathed and geared as if the lightning had blasted her. She had heard his avowal. There was no room now to doubt the meaning[Pg 303] of all that had gone before, no ground now for believing in a tender, platonic admiration, lapping her round with its soft radiancea light, but not a fire. That which had burnt into her soul to-day was the fierce flame of a dishonouring love, the bold avowal of a lover who wanted to steal her from her husband, and make her a sinner before her God.


      There was a crowd in the vestry, for every one was anxious to inscribe his name in the registry, or at least witness the ceremony of signing.When he reached the first lodge, an exquisitely beautiful little building, kept with such scrupulous neatnessthe ivy closely clipped, the lattice windows shining like diamonds, the stone mullion white and spotless, the garden like a toy, with its spring flowersthat it looked as if it had been built yesterday, instead of a century ago, the lodge-keepers wife came out and opened the gates, and courtesied with a subdued little smile, as if she were glad to see him, but wouldnt for the world be so disrespectful as to show it.


      Yes, the dearest, sweetest of girls, said Lilias. Esmeralda ran down the stairsthe hall was empty, for the guests were in the dining-room, and the servants feasting belowand into the drawing-room. She found her precious gift just where she expected, and was turning to run back, when she heard voices in the adjoining anteroom.They met, for the first time, after the announcement of his engagement to Esmeralda, at a dance at the Countess of Blankyres.


      "I appreciate the compliment. But are you in the habit of serving for a target?"